Ombre Maxi Dress: A tie-dye reinvention

I have seen this trend start with the hair. Day by day, I can see young girls in our neighborhood having this two-toned color on the ends of their hair. Initially, I could not understand what was happening until I picked up a celebrity magazine. It was the fashion trend seen on stars like Rachel Bilson as reported by the Examiner.


I guess people got bored and decided to try it out on dresses too. I am just kidding about boredom but you know that’s true, creativity comes out when your mind is blank from the problems of the world. Yes, I digress.

The ombre  maxi dresses are actually like tie-dye prints but done in a different way. I remember owning a tie-dye shirt before and also tried doing one on my own, just like this shirt in Ebay. I was only successful in doing it on one color because when I tried it on multiple colors, it was a disaster. With the ombre maxi dress, instead of the burst of colors from the center to the middle, the color mix is being done in different ways. It can start from light to dark like this Alicia + Olive ombre maxi dress that I found at LW Closet.

ombre maxi dress

It gives the dress enough drama which depending on the cut, can either be worn in a formal or semi-formal event. I think this dress can be worn in a formal event, your hair in an upward twist or pinned with a barrette, armed with a jeweled clutch and finished off with black or white strappy heels.

Others have done it the other way around, dark to light and some injects a third or fourth color.

Of course, my favorite go to source of the latest fashion trend is Resultly. I browsed through the site and fell in love the different designs of the Young, Fabulous and Broke. They have various take on the ombre maxi dresses that is cute and hip.

ombre maxi dress

I am currently digging this dress. It’s tri-color and the way the colors blend, I like it. The dress is cotton so this can be paired off with sneakers, thong sandals or slip-ons like Havaianas. You can accessorize by adding a small bag to your outfit like maybe a sling bag or a canvas backpack. A fedora hat can work too.

Just remember in adding on stuff to your look, you can either stick with neutral colors when accessorizing or go bold by pairing it off with colors that will complement the dress.

Red Hot Item: fold over combat boots

Can you guess what I just can’t get enough of? I mean if you read the blog title I’m willing to bet you can guess it, but needless to say, it’s fold over combat boots!

fold over combat boots

Check out the pic above! This fall/winter outfit look couldn’t be any cuter with a large knit scarf that you could get from Nordstrom and  fold over combat boots that could be found on Resultly! #ootd

Today I am going to go on a hayride with my boyfriend. We made these plans late last week after I had been pestering him to take me for months. Yes, months. Every October and November comes and goes before I can make my way to a haunted house, hayride, pumpkin patch, and anything else fall festivities can include. So this year I was determined to make it all happen.

FYI: I just dyed my hair yesterday, you can see a sneak peek of the fresh look in the picture, I went with an ash brown. Its always a great look come the much colder temperature seasons, it just goes so much better with the dark earth tones and colors that come with the change and fall of the leaves.

So when it comes to fall/winter fashion there is always a couple things I consider necessary. One of which is a chunky knit scarf. There is nothing that will keep you warmer nor cuter looking. They are the perfect accessory, more so than a necklace now a days. The chunkier the better as they will make you look even smaller! Haha. Next up I always love a good pair of crew socks. They come up higher in the leg, about to your calf, and they’re the perfect pop of color, design, that extra pop of pizzazz you need to ride out just above your boot. Now, I am a huge fan of the fold over combat boots, so as you can see I am not wearing any tall socks in this outfit. I normally would have, I just didn’t have the color that I wanted to wear clean, but a crew gray sock would’ve been the perfect color to just add a bit of lightness against the dark contrast of my boots. Which would also bring the eye down to my shoes after seeing the light colors in the top half of my outfit.

Since these boots are so dark, here’s a couple other options I wanted to show you guys if you’re looking for a new pair:

fold over combat boots

So here’s a lighter tone of brown boots that are super cute and can be worn with brown or black!

fold over combat boots

And then here’s another pair that I love because they are black. So you could absolutely wear anything with them as well as pairing them with a really cute crew sock!

A Special Lime Green Dress

If one think that lime green dress is not for her. It is true. Lime green dress was never made for every girl; the color itself is one of the hardest to pull off. It does not always matter what color is your skin.Most of the time to rock this lime green you have to be very brave and super confident in yourself.

I have one friend who is totally obsessed with everything lime green, but her very favorite one is lime green dress she bought a week ago  from a new shopping social app Resultly. I had no idea that there so many choice of this kind of dress. Obviously, I am behind of fashion and what is trending  lately. apparently, all Hollywood celebrities love this color too and I feel like I am the only one who does not have anything of this crazy color.

lime green dress

After my friend  made me trying  her dress , I was thinking maybe I should get one too. I have olive skin and of course, as many of you I had my doubts if this lime green will look good on em and people will not think that I lost my mind completely. And then I came up with an idea to wear it on my birthday that was coming up soon. Who can say something bad on my own birthday party? Right?

Shopping has always been not my favorite thing to do. I never really have time for it. I have so much work to do after my college. Shopping online was not an option for me neither. I am one of those girls who has to try it on before making a decision to buy it. I hate shipping things back if it does not fit you or something like that.

I had a couple of course before my class and I went to the closest department store I found (Macy’s) and was trying to find a lime green dress as soon as possible. I was so lucky to find more than just one dress I liked. One was very short and sexy and  the second one was a little longer but still sexy. I did not want to shock my family and girlfriends with that unusual color and the length of the dress at the same time, so I picked the one which was a little longer.

I had to buy some new nude shoes to wear it with, because black heels do not really go with lime green , at least in my personal opinion. So, I had to make another stop at DSW. It was easy to find nude heels which would go with everything not just my new dress. I should have bought those long time ago.

On my birthday I definitely looked over the top! Everyone loved the lime green dress on me so much that I will wear it some time soon maybe to brunch with my girlfriends on sunny summer day!

Sandy and those liquid leggings

liquid leggings

A few years I ago, back in college I believe, I decided that I’d be Sandy from Grease on one night of Halloween. I thought it was such a cute idea since I’d always loved that movie. And it was a great idea, not that I really went all that all out. I had brown straight, long hair, a hot pink shirt that I cut the shoulder and turned into a one shoulder top with “pink ladies” written on it, and liquid leggings from Forever 21.

Now that I’m a little bit older and in the “real world” I never realized just how great college really is. There is no other time in your life that you can drink 6 out of 7 nights a week and still be kicking come Monday morning. Maybe not completely kicking but you’re sure as hell not as dead as I’ve come to be after a Friday night out after a week of work.

So now let’s fast forward from Halloween as Sandy and go to St. Patty’s day last year. In Chicago, there may not be a better day of the year. We celebrate and we celebrate hard. And it’s all about looking cute but rocking your green pride harder than anything else. So little old me has this amazing green t-shirt for the pub crawl that I’m about to enter, and what else to wear with it to keep at least a bit of style going with a crew neck t-shirt than liquid leggings. Well, that’s what I thought too. So I pulled out my Sandy Chic leggings and yeah, they were a little tight in the butt. I guess the freshman 15 came on senior year for me.. lolol but regardless my tshirt was baggy so I said wth, whynot?

Let me tell you whynot. So my friend and I are on the dance floor getting crazy wild, acting as if no one is watching and then I hear from behind me, “nice crack”. I WAS MORTIFIED. Sandy had totally steered me in the wrong direction because apparently my baggy tshirt wasn’t quite baggy enough! Needless to say, I never wore those leggings again, but I sure as hell did look for a new pair because they’re cute!

I found a few super cute options here, , including these ones from Guess.

liquid leggings

There are so many super cute options out there and you need to know how to rock this look. Check out this other blog piece that I love that covers 7 different ways for you to wear liquid leggings.


Thanks for tuning in you guys! You all rock!

One Day In Mint Heels


Mint heels are a real Bomb right now to wear all year around and there is a reason why…

One day I decided it was time for me to get one nice pair of mint. And of course, we see tons of girls wearing some nice mint heels everywhere, but when it is you who needs to get those, you need  real luck or a big fat bank account.

I started from DSW, that is where I bought most of the shoes. It has great choices and affordable prices;however, I was not lucky enough in finding mint shoes. So, I had to check out more stores, and by “more stores” I mean like another ten stores at very least. I went to Macy’s, Nordstrom, you name it. I checked them all out. Some shoes were just ok, other too big or too small. Of course, the one I liked the most cost almost five hundreds of dollars. It was not an option…

Finally, I got home one day and started searching online. I have heard about tons of shopping apps before , so I downloaded one of them (Resultly) on my iphone and that was it. I did not have to worry about going back to the stores! I found a couple of heels I liked and ordered it right the way. I was in love in both pairs and did not return anything.

When it came to the day  when I decided to wear them I figured I did not have a perfect dress for it. So Annoying when it happens and you need to go back to shopping again. So, I got a simple black dress, some mint jewelry and I was ready to go!

You can not even imagine how many compliments I got on that day from all of my friends, family, and my boyfriend of course! Mint heels gives you such a stand out look. It coats everyone’s attention right the way. One definitely needs to try to pull this look even if it sounds like a very crazy color, mint can be the best choice. You just have to find one pair that you will love!

It is specially a great choice for the summer time, when you wear tons of white clothes. No need to think with what color to match your shoes. White works perfectly, so does black! I cant wait to rock this look some time soon! Maybe even this weekend…

Summer’s top pick? The Wrap Skirt

wrap skirtray bans

Walk into any store during summer and you’ll see two things on 4 out of 5 mannequins, a wrap skirt and Ray Bans. It’s sunny, it’s hot, and we want to look good which means there’s two things that you need now.

I went to the mall last summer and was astonished by the amount of sassy dressed mannequins I saw. While I was fully aware of the Ray Ban rebound, the skirt threw me for a loop. I have had one for about a year now in black, however it I didn’t realize designers started making it in longer, knee length or longer versions now also. Mine falls about mid thigh and in the back about just below the butt haha. I don’t know why it gets so short at the back, and especially with a pair of heels. Look out, coming though! So anywho, I’ve been cruising the web for some more skirts of the plenty, long, short, slit, no slit, red, white, etc, etc. I came across this new website with a ton of options–>Resultly. Check it out! As for my Ray Bans, I decided to drop a little dough and hit up the mall.

With the option between Sunglass Hut, Master Sun, all the kiosks and a couple various department stores, I figured I’d start with Nordstrom and see what I could find. They had some great options but obvsiouly you want to do a little price comparisons. So, onto the Sunglass Hut I went. I had never been there before so I honestly had no clue what to expect. It was surprisingly pretty legit. The shades weren’t crazy expensive and they were neatly arranged by designer or style. I found the pair I bought, click here, and off I went!

So, what have these two pieces brought me in life? Well, let me tell you. For starters, I have never felt so bold. The shades keep me mysterious and bold. I feel like people wonder who I am, what I’m all about, and I love it. The skirt just couldn’t make me feel more fun, flirty, and free. It’s flowy which makes me feel so carefree almost. It’s odd that an entire outfit can completely change your persona and the entire way you feel, but it’s a wonderful feeling. I wore some Chuck Taylor’s and a crop top with this outfit and I would highly recommend it to feel like your bad self.

Next post coming up on Thursday, so stay tuned! Ta ta for now everyone!