Ombre Maxi Dress: A tie-dye reinvention

I have seen this trend start with the hair. Day by day, I can see young girls in our neighborhood having this two-toned color on the ends of their hair. Initially, I could not understand what was happening until I picked up a celebrity magazine. It was the fashion trend seen on stars like Rachel Bilson as reported by the Examiner.


I guess people got bored and decided to try it out on dresses too. I am just kidding about boredom but you know that’s true, creativity comes out when your mind is blank from the problems of the world. Yes, I digress.

The ombre  maxi dresses are actually like tie-dye prints but done in a different way. I remember owning a tie-dye shirt before and also tried doing one on my own, just like this shirt in Ebay. I was only successful in doing it on one color because when I tried it on multiple colors, it was a disaster. With the ombre maxi dress, instead of the burst of colors from the center to the middle, the color mix is being done in different ways. It can start from light to dark like this Alicia + Olive ombre maxi dress that I found at LW Closet.

ombre maxi dress

It gives the dress enough drama which depending on the cut, can either be worn in a formal or semi-formal event. I think this dress can be worn in a formal event, your hair in an upward twist or pinned with a barrette, armed with a jeweled clutch and finished off with black or white strappy heels.

Others have done it the other way around, dark to light and some injects a third or fourth color.

Of course, my favorite go to source of the latest fashion trend is Resultly. I browsed through the site and fell in love the different designs of the Young, Fabulous and Broke. They have various take on the ombre maxi dresses that is cute and hip.

ombre maxi dress

I am currently digging this dress. It’s tri-color and the way the colors blend, I like it. The dress is cotton so this can be paired off with sneakers, thong sandals or slip-ons like Havaianas. You can accessorize by adding a small bag to your outfit like maybe a sling bag or a canvas backpack. A fedora hat can work too.

Just remember in adding on stuff to your look, you can either stick with neutral colors when accessorizing or go bold by pairing it off with colors that will complement the dress.