Summer’s top pick? The Wrap Skirt

wrap skirtray bans

Walk into any store during summer and you’ll see two things on 4 out of 5 mannequins, a wrap skirt and Ray Bans. It’s sunny, it’s hot, and we want to look good which means there’s two things that you need now.

I went to the mall last summer and was astonished by the amount of sassy dressed mannequins I saw. While I was fully aware of the Ray Ban rebound, the skirt threw me for a loop. I have had one for about a year now in black, however it I didn’t realize designers started making it in longer, knee length or longer versions now also. Mine falls about mid thigh and in the back about just below the butt haha. I don’t know why it gets so short at the back, and especially with a pair of heels. Look out, coming though! So anywho, I’ve been cruising the web for some more skirts of the plenty, long, short, slit, no slit, red, white, etc, etc. I came across this new website with a ton of options–>Resultly. Check it out! As for my Ray Bans, I decided to drop a little dough and hit up the mall.

With the option between Sunglass Hut, Master Sun, all the kiosks and a couple various department stores, I figured I’d start with Nordstrom and see what I could find. They had some great options but obvsiouly you want to do a little price comparisons. So, onto the Sunglass Hut I went. I had never been there before so I honestly had no clue what to expect. It was surprisingly pretty legit. The shades weren’t crazy expensive and they were neatly arranged by designer or style. I found the pair I bought, click here, and off I went!

So, what have these two pieces brought me in life? Well, let me tell you. For starters, I have never felt so bold. The shades keep me mysterious and bold. I feel like people wonder who I am, what I’m all about, and I love it. The skirt just couldn’t make me feel more fun, flirty, and free. It’s flowy which makes me feel so carefree almost. It’s odd that an entire outfit can completely change your persona and the entire way you feel, but it’s a wonderful feeling. I wore some Chuck Taylor’s and a crop top with this outfit and I would highly recommend it to feel like your bad self.

Next post coming up on Thursday, so stay tuned! Ta ta for now everyone!

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