Sandy and those liquid leggings

liquid leggings

A few years I ago, back in college I believe, I decided that I’d be Sandy from Grease on one night of Halloween. I thought it was such a cute idea since I’d always loved that movie. And it was a great idea, not that I really went all that all out. I had brown straight, long hair, a hot pink shirt that I cut the shoulder and turned into a one shoulder top with “pink ladies” written on it, and liquid leggings from Forever 21.

Now that I’m a little bit older and in the “real world” I never realized just how great college really is. There is no other time in your life that you can drink 6 out of 7 nights a week and still be kicking come Monday morning. Maybe not completely kicking but you’re sure as hell not as dead as I’ve come to be after a Friday night out after a week of work.

So now let’s fast forward from Halloween as Sandy and go to St. Patty’s day last year. In Chicago, there may not be a better day of the year. We celebrate and we celebrate hard. And it’s all about looking cute but rocking your green pride harder than anything else. So little old me has this amazing green t-shirt for the pub crawl that I’m about to enter, and what else to wear with it to keep at least a bit of style going with a crew neck t-shirt than liquid leggings. Well, that’s what I thought too. So I pulled out my Sandy Chic leggings and yeah, they were a little tight in the butt. I guess the freshman 15 came on senior year for me.. lolol but regardless my tshirt was baggy so I said wth, whynot?

Let me tell you whynot. So my friend and I are on the dance floor getting crazy wild, acting as if no one is watching and then I hear from behind me, “nice crack”. I WAS MORTIFIED. Sandy had totally steered me in the wrong direction because apparently my baggy tshirt wasn’t quite baggy enough! Needless to say, I never wore those leggings again, but I sure as hell did look for a new pair because they’re cute!

I found a few super cute options here, , including these ones from Guess.

liquid leggings

There are so many super cute options out there and you need to know how to rock this look. Check out this other blog piece that I love that covers 7 different ways for you to wear liquid leggings.


Thanks for tuning in you guys! You all rock!