Red Hot Item: fold over combat boots

Can you guess what I just can’t get enough of? I mean if you read the blog title I’m willing to bet you can guess it, but needless to say, it’s fold over combat boots!

fold over combat boots

Check out the pic above! This fall/winter outfit look couldn’t be any cuter with a large knit scarf that you could get from Nordstrom and  fold over combat boots that could be found on Resultly! #ootd

Today I am going to go on a hayride with my boyfriend. We made these plans late last week after I had been pestering him to take me for months. Yes, months. Every October and November comes and goes before I can make my way to a haunted house, hayride, pumpkin patch, and anything else fall festivities can include. So this year I was determined to make it all happen.

FYI: I just dyed my hair yesterday, you can see a sneak peek of the fresh look in the picture, I went with an ash brown. Its always a great look come the much colder temperature seasons, it just goes so much better with the dark earth tones and colors that come with the change and fall of the leaves.

So when it comes to fall/winter fashion there is always a couple things I consider necessary. One of which is a chunky knit scarf. There is nothing that will keep you warmer nor cuter looking. They are the perfect accessory, more so than a necklace now a days. The chunkier the better as they will make you look even smaller! Haha. Next up I always love a good pair of crew socks. They come up higher in the leg, about to your calf, and they’re the perfect pop of color, design, that extra pop of pizzazz you need to ride out just above your boot. Now, I am a huge fan of the fold over combat boots, so as you can see I am not wearing any tall socks in this outfit. I normally would have, I just didn’t have the color that I wanted to wear clean, but a crew gray sock would’ve been the perfect color to just add a bit of lightness against the dark contrast of my boots. Which would also bring the eye down to my shoes after seeing the light colors in the top half of my outfit.

Since these boots are so dark, here’s a couple other options I wanted to show you guys if you’re looking for a new pair:

fold over combat boots

So here’s a lighter tone of brown boots that are super cute and can be worn with brown or black!

fold over combat boots

And then here’s another pair that I love because they are black. So you could absolutely wear anything with them as well as pairing them with a really cute crew sock!