One Day In Mint Heels


Mint heels are a real Bomb right now to wear all year around and there is a reason why…

One day I decided it was time for me to get one nice pair of mint. And of course, we see tons of girls wearing some nice mint heels everywhere, but when it is you who needs to get those, you need  real luck or a big fat bank account.

I started from DSW, that is where I bought most of the shoes. It has great choices and affordable prices;however, I was not lucky enough in finding mint shoes. So, I had to check out more stores, and by “more stores” I mean like another ten stores at very least. I went to Macy’s, Nordstrom, you name it. I checked them all out. Some shoes were just ok, other too big or too small. Of course, the one I liked the most cost almost five hundreds of dollars. It was not an option…

Finally, I got home one day and started searching online. I have heard about tons of shopping apps before , so I downloaded one of them (Resultly) on my iphone and that was it. I did not have to worry about going back to the stores! I found a couple of heels I liked and ordered it right the way. I was in love in both pairs and did not return anything.

When it came to the day  when I decided to wear them I figured I did not have a perfect dress for it. So Annoying when it happens and you need to go back to shopping again. So, I got a simple black dress, some mint jewelry and I was ready to go!

You can not even imagine how many compliments I got on that day from all of my friends, family, and my boyfriend of course! Mint heels gives you such a stand out look. It coats everyone’s attention right the way. One definitely needs to try to pull this look even if it sounds like a very crazy color, mint can be the best choice. You just have to find one pair that you will love!

It is specially a great choice for the summer time, when you wear tons of white clothes. No need to think with what color to match your shoes. White works perfectly, so does black! I cant wait to rock this look some time soon! Maybe even this weekend…

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