A Special Lime Green Dress

If one think that lime green dress is not for her. It is true. Lime green dress was never made for every girl; the color itself is one of the hardest to pull off. It does not always matter what color is your skin.Most of the time to rock this lime green you have to be very brave and super confident in yourself.

I have one friend who is totally obsessed with everything lime green, but her very favorite one is lime green dress she bought a week ago  from a new shopping social app Resultly. I had no idea that there so many choice of this kind of dress. Obviously, I am behind of fashion and what is trending  lately. apparently, all Hollywood celebrities love this color too and I feel like I am the only one who does not have anything of this crazy color.

lime green dress

After my friend  made me trying  her dress , I was thinking maybe I should get one too. I have olive skin and of course, as many of you I had my doubts if this lime green will look good on em and people will not think that I lost my mind completely. And then I came up with an idea to wear it on my birthday that was coming up soon. Who can say something bad on my own birthday party? Right?

Shopping has always been not my favorite thing to do. I never really have time for it. I have so much work to do after my college. Shopping online was not an option for me neither. I am one of those girls who has to try it on before making a decision to buy it. I hate shipping things back if it does not fit you or something like that.

I had a couple of course before my class and I went to the closest department store I found (Macy’s) and was trying to find a lime green dress as soon as possible. I was so lucky to find more than just one dress I liked. One was very short and sexy and  the second one was a little longer but still sexy. I did not want to shock my family and girlfriends with that unusual color and the length of the dress at the same time, so I picked the one which was a little longer.

I had to buy some new nude shoes to wear it with, because black heels do not really go with lime green , at least in my personal opinion. So, I had to make another stop at DSW. It was easy to find nude heels which would go with everything not just my new dress. I should have bought those long time ago.

On my birthday I definitely looked over the top! Everyone loved the lime green dress on me so much that I will wear it some time soon maybe to brunch with my girlfriends on sunny summer day!